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Memorial Day Roundup

It’s a rainy Memorial Day Weekend Sunday as I write these words.  I wanted to do something a bit different for Monday’s post, not the least of which because I know many of you will be on vacation.  So todays post we are going to do a bit of a roundup of what I’ve been reading.

This probably won’t be a reoccurring theme for Full Time Finance but it will give you something to read if you are sitting around somewhere like the beach this week.  Meanwhile I’ll be enjoying spending some time Monday with my family.  That being said, a reminder to all to give a moment of thought to those that have died for our country.  After all that is what this weekend is really about.

What Have I Ready Lately, Roundup

So on with the roundup.  So what have I been reading lately:

Well I’ve spent a bit of time recently going back through Early Retirement Now’s excellent series on Safe Withdrawal Rates.  If you’ve ever wanted to read in depth about strategies and their impact on net worth in retirement this is the one to read.  The most recent piece in this 25 part series can be found here.

Fritz over at the Retirement Manifesto had a really fascinating story about a gentleman that post retirement  decided to work on a Dude Ranch.  Fascinating stuff and a reminder that even if you do choose to retire life and work do not necessarily end.    It really is fascinating to contemplate what retirement means to different people.  Take a read of “Seasonal Work In Retirement: A True Story“.

Some of you know one day I plan to retire and travel abroad for 6 months of each year.  That is why I read Corporate Monkey CPA’s piece on Three Mistakes I made planning a year abroad with rapt attention.  Inevitably someday I’ll need this information.

Retirement is quite a ways away for myself but I still find these topics quite fascinating.  

Accidental Fire meanwhile raised an interesting query.  What of the Blinking Cursor of Your Youth.    Very inspiring stuff.    Its all about what drives you.  It’s never too late to leverage that inspiration.

A newer blogger to the scene who I’m really enjoying, Diversefi wrote about Persistence is the Secret Sauce of life.    I couldn’t agree more.    This financial thing is easy for short periods, but persistence is required to succeed.

Most of you know I have two young boys.  As such the story and message of Millionaire Docs recent post on growing up in a candy shop really struck home.  Check out Five Things I learned Growing Up In a Candy Shop.

Boomer and Echo wrote a good piece on the task of being an executor of a will.    So You’ve Been Asked To Be An Executor.  I have older parents as does my wife.  Inevitably this one is coming down the path.  It’s good to understand it before it happens to you.

Mustard Seed Money had a great post on status symbols through the years.  The 11 Weirdest Status Symbols Over the Years.   A great reminder to not worry so much what other people think, and instead worry about what makes you happy.  What people think is fleeting.

You may have read our discussion about the mechanisms and impact of inflation a few months back.  Besides featuring a really cool picture of my back yard in a snow storm it introduced the causes and impacts of inflation.  Well Actuary on Fire took this to the next level with a Personal Inflation Rate Calculator.

Carl over at 1500 days had a good post a few weeks ago about the importance of loosening the purse strings occasionally when we get older.  Hey we’re FI and make a great salary, we probably no longer need to drink Natural Light and eat Raman.  When Do You Let Lifestyle Inflation Creep In?

Finally Route to Retire had a great post reminding use to not lose sight of charitable giving.  Why Do I Suck So Much at Giving to Charity?  We are still on track for our 5% giving goal for the year, having written a moderate check last week to our local fire company.  So you can guess I couldn’t agree more.  It may be last in this list, but that doesn’t make it least.

Have a great holiday and we’ll be back on Wednesday with our normal posts.


  1. Doc G
    Doc G May 28, 2018

    Thanks for including my post. Great roundup!

  2. Mrs. Defined Sight
    Mrs. Defined Sight May 29, 2018

    This is a great roundup of folks Full Time Finance! Thank you so much for including us with them! Have a great week!

  3. Jim @ Route To Retire
    Jim @ Route To Retire May 29, 2018

    I actually love round-up posts and would love to start doing some of these, but I think these can be more time-consuming than a regular post!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together, FTF, and for including me in it!

    — Jim

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