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About Us

Hello and welcome to Full Time Finance.  This blog was created to share and document various tips and tricks I have employed over the years that allow me to enjoy a more comfortable way of life than my spending indicates. All of these tricks are possible with a minimal amount of time commitment. A number of people have a perception in my day to day that I am fairly frugal, and in many respects they are correct. However in some distinct ways I leverage simple concepts to keep my spending low while maximizing my happiness and experience.

I apply these steps in all areas of my life. They come into play while negotiating for a large purchase, negotiating for a pay raise, getting items for free, controlling my expenses, and traveling the world. So follow along with me as I explore these tips and tricks.

Background On Full Time Finance

I’ve spent the last decade in the corporate world making changes to company operations to save money. I’ve used this skill set in addition to my own knowledge of finance to enact these hacks. I am not a financial or tax advisor which you should keep in mind as you read my blog. However, I do have a background in economics and finance.  This experience is heavily influenced by my MBA in Finance and career in the corporate world.   I fully intend to leverage this experience to make this blog unique by providing a perspective of someone simply working from day to day while maximizing their life.  You can learn more about my history and the genesis of Full Time Finance here.

I will attempt to publish a new article 3x a week in relation to what is going on in my life. I hope you will benefit greatly from my posts and I welcome any and all comments. I will do my best to respond to your comments.


This site is for entertainment purposes.  Any and all actions you take related or otherwise to a post herein are yours and yours alone.    We are in no way responsible for your actions.

From time to time I will post Affiliate links in posts.  These links will net me some renumeration at no cost to you should you make a purchase.  These links are incidental to the topic at hand.